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On this site everything is about techniques of bobbin lacemaking - traditional and modern.

Lace web is a unique private training institution. In numerous courses we offer both beginners and advanced bobbin lacemakers an opportunity to study the many varieties (and specialities) of bobbin lacemaking techniques. Head of the institution is Martina Wolter-Kampmann, who holds a Diploma in Pedagogics and Textile Arts from the University of Dortmund and a doctorate from the "Kantcentrum" in Brugge, Belgium.

The Principle
The course material is organized in a way that you can learn the particular technique in easy steps. The teaching will be performed in correspondence courses. The material provides you with clear explanations and assignments. Your submitted work will be corrected.

Correspondence is via:

  • post
  • fax
  • e-mail
  • telephone

The course material is divided into single units; the techniques learned in one unit are put to use in later units. The units are sent by post and worked through one at a time. Each unit contains a questionnaire at the end. You may start the actual bobbin lacemaking only after your tutor has received and approved the correctly filled in questionnaire. In this way we are able to clarify any misunderstandings and explain issues that are not quite clear.
You may send me pictures of your completed work via e-mail or fax. Please avoid sending your finished lace itself.

Participation requirements:

  • ability to read colour-coded working diagrams
  • willingness to cooperate with the tutor for the duration of the course
  • payment of the course fees
  • a binding enrolment using the registration paper

For some specific courses there are further requirements.

The courses are divided into individual units. The individual course descriptions give the exact number of units.
The particular offers of courses:

  1. Basic techniques
  2. Courses from A to Z
  3. Design

Basic technique courses are intended to teach you a technique from scratch using designs from Martina Wolter-Kampmann. For courses A to Z however, design is as important as learning the technique. Technique will be taught from scratch and at the same time you will be taught to produce your own prickings. In this way you will learn the techniques in a very creative manner..

The A to Z courses are meant, on the one hand, for those bobbin lace dior replica makers, who plan to give courses themselves and therefore would like to compile their teaching material. On the other hand, they are also geared to those, who enjoy creating and designing their own patterns for themselves. These extended courses are scheduled to take about one year each.

What happens in the case of disruptions, e.g. illness or other major distractions? If you cannot meet the weekly due dates for health or other reasons, the duration of the course is automatically extended. The cost remains the same. Termination of the course at 4 weeks notice may be agreed.

Naturally, this type of correspondence course requires good cooperation between the tutor and the student.