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Students’ Feedback

Course: Torchon A to Z

I am very glad I have started your course. And I am already very happy about everything I have learned so far as well as all the contents I have grasped by now.

Petra Prestel

Course: Flanders Lace BT

In my opinion the course is set up very well step-by-step. I am joyfully anticipating the next unit. Each unit contains a new challenge and it doesn’t become boring. The explanations are very clear. Any inquiries are dealt with in an easy way via email, fax, postal mail or phone, it’s just great. I think the tutoring is very good. I really like all of Ms Wolter-Kampmann’s designs. There is no time pressure and I have learned so much, that I can feel quite confident with regards to Flanders lace now.

Sabine Hindemith

Course: Duchesse lace A to Z

Thank you for praising my talent. But I have to remark, that without your help and guidance in each of the units I would not be able to get these results. I often lack the initial idea to draw up something of my own. I myself would never have thought of creating a paisley-pattern. Your hints and these exercises are a great training for me, to develop a good eye for beautiful shapes, and I think, it would be quite impossible to do drawing and designing without having been properly taught, especially when these pictures have to be transferred into bobbin lace afterwards. I would love to do another course towards designing!

Doris Töller

Course: Torchon A to Z

Doing this course is a lot of fun. I am learning so much and everything without leaving home.
Otherwise I wouldn’t have the opportunity to take part in such an intensive course at all.
Well done!

Petra Könemann