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The courses listed below and marked with * are immediately allocable.

The other courses are only available in German at the moment. If you are interested in one of these, please, contact me.

1. Basic techniques (BT)

a) Each basic technique course is dedicated to a specific theme, e.g. Flanders Lace*, Torchon*, Milanese... For each theme you will become acquainted with the typical stitches and patterns.
These courses will teach you the essential characteristics of a given technique step by step. However, you should already have acquired the basics of bobbin lacemaking stitches.

b) You will get methodically prepared documents, which subsequently build up step by step. These consist of explanations, pictures, drawings and possible further aids, which you can order. For this, personal communication is very important. Before you may start with bobbin lacemaking, you will have to send me the filled-in questionnaire, which is enclosed in each unit. With this questionnaire I get a feedback whether you understood the new learning material or if you need further education. I always encourage my students to pose questions.

In each unit you will work out small pieces of bobbin lace. Partially you can choose the prickings by yourself and decide how much you want to work. I always include how much the required minimum is. As soon as you have mastered all units of a course you are ready to accomplish a final piece of lace in that particular technique. This final piece of lace is larger and more complex. After completing the course and finishing the final piece, you will receive a certificate. If you finish the course without working the final piece of lace, you will receive a certificate of attendance.

Example: course Torchon*

18 units and final work.
Apart from the pieces shown here, several additional pieces will be worked out for practice. The finishing of each unit is a workpiece, see below. Fees for course: 18,- Euro per unit (excluding postage) + unique registration fee (10,- Euro) Certificate: 15,- Euro (excluding postage) (18 units)

Example: Flanders Lace*

Duration of course: about 1 year (14 units)
Fees for course: 14 x 18,- Euro (excluding postage) + unique registration fee (10,- Euro)
Certificate: 15,- Euro (excluding postage)
The fees for the course have to be paid in advance.

Some courses require technical qualifications:

e.g. knowledge of Torchon lace* is necessary in order to learn Flanders lace*. In case you are not confident with working Torchon, you should choose to attend Torchon basic technique course before.

Themes (number of units):

  1. Torchon lace (18)*
  2. Flanders lace (qualification Torchon BT) (14)*
  3. Parisienne lace (13)
  4. Valenciennes lace (13)
  5. Binche (qualification Flanders*. Parisienne, Valenciennes BT) (20)
  6. Tulle lace (Tondern) (5)
  7. Bruges bloemwerk (flower lace) (18)
  8. Florentine lace, Chrysanthe, Rokoko (11)*
  9. Milanese lace (18)
  10. plaited lace in general (classical, gothic, specials)
  11. Mending of lace 1: mending of laces (7)
  12. Mending of lace 2: mending lace to fabric (7 partially accompanied by CD)

Planned themes: lace for clothes, jewellery or ornaments made in lace technique.

My goal for each course is that completing it successfully will enable you to work any pricking which may be available in literature for that kind of lace, aided by colour code diagrams.

2. Courses A to Z (A-Z)

Design and respective bobbin lace technique is taught. Therefore, you will learn to draw your own patterns.

Teaching will mainly take place via written elaborations of the units. Another important part of teaching will be correspondence and support.
Each unit includes a questionnaire which gives me feedback whether you understood the learning material or not. In my opinion, personal communication is essential for learning.
In addition to my written elaborations, teaching also implicates advanced, often individual tips in correspondence.
This version of teaching naturally applies a good cooperation between tutor and student.
My goal for each of theses courses is that completing it successfully will enable you to master any possibilities of the respective technique:

  • to produce your own prickings in accordance to your own wishes or any given sources
  • to modify prickings
  • to adjust lace to fashion
  • to design expressive patterns
  • Duration of course:
    About 1-2 years per theme
    Fees for course: 21,- Euro per unit (excluding postage) + unique registration fee (10 Euro)
    Certificate: 15,- Euro (excluding postage)

    Actual themes:

    1. Torchon lace A to Z (36 units)*
    2. Flanders lace A to Z (24 units)*
    3. Plaited lace A to Z coming soon
    4. Milanese lace A to Z (24 units)
    5. Bruges flower lace A to Z coming soon
    6. Duchesse A to Z (24 units)*

    Example: Flanders lace*

You will become acquainted with all contents of Flanders lace*. You will learn at the same time to produce prickings in this technique and you will get to know designing Flanders lace* in classical and modern style.

There are other significant points of focus in designing Flanders lace* than in Duchesse*.

Example: Torchon*

Example: Duchesse*

You will become acquainted with all technical contents of Duchesse* technique, and you will learn how to work them. You will learn figures, modifying and slipping in your personal style, but at the same time to apply the classical technique. Piece by piece you will learn the extensive, rich figured structure of design, so you soon will be able to create your own designs. Besides, I attach importance to draw and work expressive in this technique, e.g. in the case of human figures, faces...

My goal is that after completing the courses successfully you are able:

  • to draw your own prickings according to your needs or even to examples.
  • to modify prickings, embed curves, distort...
  • to adjust lace to fashion
  • to design expressive patterns

Grapes and decorated grounds in Duchesse - shown on the wrong side of the lace

3. Design (D)

Building upon the technique course, you afterwards can learn to create your own designs, thereby fundamental principles are imparted, which are closely connected with the theme.

Partially, there are also special offers: e.g. drawing of edges in Flanders lace*.

You have the option to attend a technical course prior and afterwards building upon it to attend the design course.

Fees for course: 21,- Euro per unit

Actual themes: see courses A to Z

Do you have special wishes for a course? Other themes ...? Just ask!

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