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Martina Wolter-Kampmann,
Geklöppelter Schmuck aus Metallfäden
Bobbin-Made Jewellery with Metal Threads

More than 20 models with patterns for bracelets, colliers/necklaces, brooches, pendants and ear rings - presented with professional designer pictures.

Languages: German - English
This book links 30 years of professional experience with a new inspiration through metal threads. The precious metal demands a high degree of sensitivity, so the author gently adapts the technique to the material in order to create something new. Moreover, the book provides numerous stimuli for creations of your own!

Price: 38,- Euro
104 pages
ISBN: 978-3-9802279-4-0

Preorders are welcome.

Suitable fasteners can be obtained via: www.kloeppel-werkstatt.de

Since March 2011 our new book is available.
This publication: title "INVISIBLE" (in German and English) shows starts and finishes in bobbin lace which - at least from the right side - are completely invisible.


hidden starts and finishes in bobbin lace



Here you can read the French translation.
Ici, vous pouvez lire le livre en français

with a DVD showing how to handle the “lazy loop”

by Martina Wolter-Kampmann
translated into English by Dr. Ann E. Wild

ISBN : 978-3-9802279-6-4 Verlag Martina Wolter-Kampmann

Delivery of the ordered articles after payment in advance.

Here is an extract.

prickings to Invisible for downloading and printing

Martina Wolter-Kampmann,
Klöppelfäden - lace threads in dD

New book since May 2012

Price: 17 €

Thread & Pricking - a Partnership

by Martina Wolter-Kampmann

Wickede 1999, 112 Pages

ISBN : 3-9802279-2-8 Verlag Martina Wolter-Kampmann

Price: € 23,-

Reader's quote of Helen M:

I have been trying to digest the new book, Invisible. It is really
awesome. I read the first section and found that it was pretty
complicated to learn from the diagrams even though they are excellent.
Then I looked at the video. It is truly a helpful item. I found
that since I had read the book that the video made sense. It follows
the book extremely well.

Seeing the video gives a person a view of what is being done that is
even better than being there in person as we could never personally
get a clear close-up view like the one on the video. I am a person
who sometimes needs to see a demonstration more than once to have it
be clear to me. With the video I can see it as often as I like
without being the klutz in the class who doesn't get it the first
time. Now I will reread the book and try the examples. I cannot wait
to get started!

I am sending information about my experience because it might help
someone else decide to buy the book. It is one of the expensive
ones, but it is going to be worth every cent.

Helen M

Reader's quote of Ms Waflar:

I received the book. Thanks a lot for your quick action.
Congratulations for your excellent work and for the
challenge that you has put in the hand of the
lacemakers to improve any lace work.


Ana María Waflar

Reader's quote of Elaine:

The book "Unsichtbar / Invisible" and DVD arrived yesterday. The
book is wonderful, and your solutions for invisibility are remarkable.
I have a lot to learn!

Also, the DVD played perfectly here in USA. It's so good to see you
demonstrate some of the techniques, and added to the information in
the book, your instructions make even more sense. Again, thank you!
It has been a pleasure corresponding with you.

Take care,